You are not alone (Agri-Stress Helpline)

August 1, 2022
Did you know that those working in agriculture face a 24% higher suicide risk than workers in other fields?

It\’s not hard to understand why. It is hard, physical work that requires enormous resources, huge risks, and equal measures of good weather, good luck, and good market conditions.

Agricultural workers are often isolated, far from the resources available in larger communities and cities.

As part of the nonprofit Agri-safe program and with a grant from the FDA, Texas offers agriculture workers necessary support by phone from anywhere in the state at 833-897-2474.

Furthermore, in response to the tragedy at Robb Elementary School, I have also opened this service to all Uvalde residents to help provide the mental and emotional help the community desperately needs.

If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, or anger issues, please know that you are loved and help is available.

The Texas Ag community looks out for each other. The Texas Department of Agriculture is part of that community, and we take our responsibility to each of you very seriously.

I pray for your good health, good fortunes, and good yields.

But when prayers and good wishes aren\’t enough, please call 833-897-2474.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner
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