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November 2, 2022

I wake up every day with gratitude for this extraordinary place we call home. Our Texas. I am proud of our culture. I am proud of our people. I am proud of our history and where we will go from here.

I was born without wealth or privilege in a little town called DeLeon. My parents worked hard and taught us kids to work hard too. Nothing is given. Everything is earned.

We venerated the land. We found fellowship and support in our community. We studied. We laughed. We worshiped. I wish every Texas kid could know that wonderfully simple life built on simple, but eternal principles.

While that isn’t possible, there is much that is unique and admirable about Texas that we can pass on. And there are other things we must be mindful and steadfast to reject so that the Texas we love will be the Texas we leave to them.

In this campaign, I have spent a lot of time talking about water, power, and how we will build a prosperous and secure future for all Texans. We need an ambitious commitment to water reclamation, desalination, transportation, and storage, a statewide and multi-generational commitment. We need to continue to improve our power grid, so it is always capable of meeting our ambitions.

I have talked about the border and the impact of immigration on our economy, including agriculture. We must secure the border. Only when we have high fences can we talk about wide gates.

I have advocated for fully funding rural healthcare so that the folks who dig the wells and put the food on our tables have access to the critical care they need without traveling to Dallas or Houston.

Speaking of food, I have talked about the importance of durable supply chains, efficient safety monitoring, and honest labeling. As your Agriculture Commissioner, my agenda has reflected the importance of these issues.

I have also elevated the danger of allowing hostile foreign governments to buy into our agriculture sector by buying up farmland. Regardless of their intentions, our land is our heritage. It is precious and shouldn\’t be treated as “just another commodity.”

Another issue on which I have been passionate is permitting a robust and accessible compassionate use program for every Texan who would benefit. Four in five Texans agree. This should be a lay-up for the next Texas legislature.

Finally, I want to address a significant issue in our state, our nation, and our political discourse. Our future is not white. It is not Latino. It does not belong to any demographic, race, creed, or religion.

It belongs to Texans…all of us who pour our passion, our dreams, and our sweat into making this the greatest place in the world. Honor our culture and our history. Build on them. Carve out your own Texas Miracle and know that millions of other Texans are rooting for your success.

We’re Texans. It’s what we do.



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