Thanks for Standing with Me

November 11, 2022

What a night for Texas!

On Tuesday, Texas voters returned control of state government to the Republican Party by the widest margin since 2014.

It looks like we expanded our advantages in the legislature, judicial and executive branches as well as in school boards across the state and the State Board of Education.

Texas is, and will remain, a RED STATE!

Monica De La Cruz captured a congressional seat in the RGV and John Lujan won a State House seat in South San Antonio, both historic wins in deep blue parts of the state.

Statewide, Texas Republicans supported more female and minority candidates than ever before. This is how we win the future!

We must redouble our effort, our resources, and our commitment to those areas and communities like the Rio Grande Valley and our cities\’ urban cores.

As for me…

I ran an ambitious issue campaign with an audacious goal…earn more votes than any other candidate in Texas.

My reason was simple…

I have spent the past few months talking about things that matter to Texans like rural healthcare, compassionate use, securing our water future, improving our grid, and fixing the border.

I wanted to show our state legislators and leadership that we win when we do big things that impact the lives of our fellow Texans.

It\’s not enough to say, \”I\’m a Republican. Vote for me.\”

So how did it work out, Sid?

I did, in fact, earn more votes and a higher percentage of the vote than any other statewide official…except Glenn Hegar.

As of this writing, He is beating me by 17,000 votes or 0.07% (56.44 to 56.37) with 95% reporting.

Glenn\’s work is a big part of why Texas rebounded from the pandemic and never ran out of money.

If I had to fall a fraction short, I am glad it was to him. He has earned the gratitude of every Texan!

None-the-less, I hope I made my point to our esteemed legislators and our elected leadership. Texans are crying out for reform and a empowering vision of the future that includes the issues I have listed above.

As we transition into session, I look forward to working with the legislature to turn them into reality.

When we dream big, we can do big things. When we listen to voters, we learn what those big things should be. I have listened. Now I will act.

Thank you for your continuing support and for your faith in me.

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