Stop China\’s Takeover of Texas Lands!

September 27, 2022

Communist China, America\’s greatest foe, is on a bender. They are buying up farmland across the United States and Texas.

I sounded the alarm last year when a former Chinese General bought 120,000 acres near Laughlin Air Force Base.

We stopped a proposed wind farm, but the land is still in Chinese hands.

\"\"Six states outright ban the foreign ownership of farmland – from Hawaii to Mississippi. Texas has every right to regulate the conditions under which we permit foreign ownership, as well.

It is unconscionable to me that some of our own Texas Republican officials are saying that the free market requires that we let the Chinese Communists buy whatever they want.

As Americans, we support property rights, but we must put patriotism above profits when national security is at stake. In China, there are no meaningful property rights, or any other rights.

The free market is essential for a free people. But it has to have rules and principles, or it isn\’t a free market, it\’s anarchy.

In an anarchy, of course China can buy Texas land, even sensitive land near our military bases…because there is no one to stop them.

My question is, where are the state leaders who actually could?

We can pass legislation to prevent China from buying the land that feeds our cities, houses our national defenses, and is our American birthright.

Why haven\’t we?\"\"This issue has taken on a new urgency as it\’s been revealed that the US government is investigating cell towers with Huawei equipment that could be used to capture and send US military communications to Beijing.

The Chinese Communists are our enemy. They want to be the world\’s only superpower.

If the Biden administration doesn\’t stand up to them, then it\’s up to us to protect Texas sovereignty in order to ensure our critical food and energy supplies.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner\"\"

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