Sid Miller PROUDLY Endorses…

October 17, 2022

Greg Abbott for Governor
Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor
Ken Paxton for Attorney General
Glenn Hegar for Comptroller
Dawn Buckingham for Public Lands Commissioner
Wayne Christian for Railroad Commissioner


The media has made a lot of hay out of my disagreements with other elected statewide leaders over the years, because of course they have.

Cows moo. Ducks quack. The media amplifies outrage for views and clicks. It\’s the natural order.

What you\’ll never see the media highlight is the fact that Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, Glen Hegar, Dawn Buckingham, Wayne Christian, AND Sid Miller agree with each other about 95% of the time.

Who knew that conservative, Christian Republicans who share culture, geography, values, and virtues tend to agree?

Today, I look across the political and cultural landscape and I see facts, science, religion, math, and our shared values under attack from wealthy and overwhelmingly white radicals seeking to dissolve the glue that holds us together.

Several of whom are running for office in Texas.

In a world where 22% of self-identified Democrats think that men can get pregnant, the chasm between the parties has never been wider.

Not only is it important to support our Republican leaders and candidates over their leftist opponents, it is essential to preserve our society.

No nation can stand when its citizens accept absurdity as reality, believe that truth is subjective, and that no moral or cultural fiber binds us to each other.

This election is not about tax policy or the border, although those are important.

It is about conserving the values, culture, and shared understanding that has created the broadest prosperity and most decent society in human history.

I am proud to endorse our statewide Republican candidates because I know that each of them is a conservative and a fighter.

If you are holding out for the perfect candidate, you will always be disappointed.

If you are hoping for a savior, the Good Lord already sent one. Get to know Him.

But if you are a serious, sober Texan looking at what each party will do in office, the differences are dramatic.

To my strongly principled friends who might be surprised by some of these endorsements, Beto has promised to tax our churches and grab our guns. Greg Abbott won\’t.

The Texas Miracle is real and it\’s extraordinary. Just look at how people are fleeing blue cities and states to be part of our story.

Texas Republican leaders over 30 years are responsible for it.

We must not go backwards now.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner

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