Save Our Water! Save Our Farms!

August 15, 2022


A few days ago, I was up in Moore County for a chemical waste disposal event.

It was a terrific opportunity to highlight a couple of things that are essential to Texas agriculture and public health.

First, old pesticides and other agricultural waste can and will seep into groundwater if not properly disposed, leading to a deadly and costly situation.

Second, as the Agriculture Commissioner, I have made helping ranchers and farmers address this issue a high priority. We are scheduling these events across the state. 

AN ABC7 Amarillo news story about the Moore County event is HERE

We all want to leave our farms and ranches to our kids and grandkids. We want them to be in better shape than we found them when we do.

Proper handling of these dangerous substances is essential.

Not only to future generations, but to all of us.

Water is a precious resource that we cannot easily replace. Preserving our water is preserving our lifestyles, our businesses, and the health of our communities.

Texas is dealing with a serious drought that has devastated our farms and ranches at a time when none of us can afford it.

Preserving and protecting our water is more essential now than ever.

If you have agricultural waste chemicals that need to be disposed, contact the Texas Department of Agriculture. We\’re here to help!

Texas Agriculture Commissioner

Sid Miller Texas Ag Commissioner
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