My thoughts on the 2023 Constitutional Election Results in Texas

November 8, 2023

Yesterday Texans went to the polls and overwhelmingly supported the ongoing and future prosperity of our state and our citizens.

In one historic day, we permanently protected the right to farm for all Texans. We made a massive cut to property taxes, making the dream of home ownership more achievable and enhancing small businesses. We even made it much harder to ever impose any kind of wealth tax on Texans.

We made significant investments in our energy and water infrastructure, things I have long advocated for. We invested in rural broadband, bringing high speed internet and all the opportunities it represents to millions of Texans for the first time.

We made new commitments preserve our state’s natural beauty for generations to come with new state parks funding. We also kept faith with our retired teachers by giving them the cost of living increase they so desperately need and so richly deserve.

I wake up every day proud to be a Texan. This election, millions of Texans overwhelmingly affirmed the source of that pride, the greatest state with the greatest people in the world.

God bless Texas.

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